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People Keep Talking...

No stranger to critics and reviews, Tony Braithwaite may be the most consistently praised artist in Philadelphia theatre.  Below are a few selections from various media outlets, colleagues, peers and fans over the years...

  • “He may be Philadelphia’s funniest man ever." -The City Paper


  • “Braithwaite is an all around song-and-dance man who was born to be a late-night TV host. He is engaging, funny, quick-witted, a master impressionist- as he showed recently in his show, “First Impressions.” And he has an engaging personality. He is, I dare say, loveable. There is a whole troupe of citizens who are called Braithwait-ians (even tougher word to type) in the Philadelphia area who immediately sign up for any show featuring Tony.” –Stan Isaacs, The Columnists


  •  “An all-purpose scene-stealing talent.“ –Variety


  • “The super comic gem of our area.” –Montgomery Newspapers


  • “Tony Braithwaite is a comedy superstar in these parts.“ –KYW News Radio


  • “A genial disciple of Martin Short and Nathan Lane.“ -Talkin' Broadway


  • “Tony Braithwaite is a superlative comic and impressionist...Braithwaite is first among Philly funnymen...He's brilliant...Braithwaite is a Philadelphia treasure. Tourists should visit him, along with the Liberty Bell and Pat's King of Steaks.” -The City Paper


  • “Unlike Broadway, which often draws its audience on the basis of a show's star power, regional theater usually attracts theatergoers through the company or the play. That is, unless that performer is Tony Braithwaite: hands-down Philadelphia's finest comedic performer and scene-stealer par excellence. Braithwaite is a master comedian. Wry, eminently likable and slyly subversive, he's unassuming in the manner of Jack Benny. And like all great comics, he's a deceptively fine actor, capable of making those he shares the stage with better.” –Philadelphia Weekly


  • “The slight, boyish-looking actor is blessed with an intensity that makes the Energizer Bunny look like a couch potato.” –Rittenhouse Review


  • “The impish, two-ton-talented Tony Braithwaite is an actor who also sings and dances on many area stages, as well as a writer and performer of one-man shows, a three-time Barrymore Award winner, and the dramatics director at St. Joseph's Preparatory School. But he's never been a talk-show host. Now he is that, too.” –The Philadelphia Inquirer


  • “And if a company wants to stage a successful comedy, the first rule of Philadelphia theatre requires casting Tony Braithwaite. In Boeing-Boeing, everything (and I mean everything) he does incites laughter.” –Jim Rutter, Edge Philadelphia


  • “Braithwaite fits the talk show host mold. He has a deep, assured voice and a deadpan similar to his idol Johnny Carson.” – Philadelphia Daily News


  • “Tony is beloved by Philadelphia audiences.” –Terry Nolen, Arden Theatre Company


  • “He is one of the greatest wits I know.” –Jennifer Childs, 1812 Productions


  • “He is, after all, the funniest man in Philadelphia.” –Michael Hollinger, Playwright


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