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In 2012, Tony took over as Artistic Director of Act II Playhouse.  Under his leadership, the Playhouse has flourished.  Act II has seen its subscription base grow each year during a time when most theaters are experiencing a consistent decline.  Located in the heart of Ambler, Act II Playhouse is the perfect compliment to a night out of an afternoon of strolling and shopping.  Click on the logo to your left to learn more about this wonderful little Playhouse.

A member of The Prep's class of 1989, Tony has now served as its Director of Dramatics for over twenty years.


“The best coach at St. Joseph’s Prep, hands down, is Tony Braithwaite. Here’s why: he never settles for anything but a student’s best performance; his kids practice until they do it his way; and he himself gives 100% of himself at every practice.  So when it’s time for his kids to perform for real, they have already done the hard part: pleasing their coach.” – Speedy Morris, Varsity Basketball Coach

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